Termite Control Phoenix

What Questions Must You Ask Your Termite Company In Phoenix

Before you choose a proper termite control company in Phoenix, you must have them answer the following questions for you. Only after you are convinced about the answers to these questions, must you go ahead and hire the company.

Warranty Period
Check if your termite control Phoenix company is clear about the warranty that it offers you. If there is no warranty offered, then you must steer clear and look to hiring a new company. Most companies will have a warranty period for about six months and possibly extending to a year. Though these periods hugely vary, you must check if you are getting a decent warranty period for the amount you are looking to invest in the service.

Solutions Used
You must know beforehand what solutions are used while getting rid of the pests in your house. Your company must use some kind of poison – borax powder, chemical sprays, or DDT. You must know beforehand which product your company uses, how effective it would be in treating the termites in your house, whether your house would be safe when the product is sprayed, and the adverse effects of the product on your health. Only after you are sure of the method used, should you hire your chosen contractor.

Cost Factor
The cost factor is definitely important, since termite control solutions can be a tad expensive. You must seek to ensure that your company costs are well within your budget.